And One More

I should also highlight this post from Safrang, which is also a great summary of recent commentary on Afghanistan. I’ve just discovered this blog, and it’s a good place to get an Afghan perspective on current events.


2 responses to “And One More

  1. he says:
    “The circumstances, motives, methods, and the prevailing international relations atmosphere are all different with this effort and simply do not compare to the … Soviet invasion of yore -and make no mistakes about it: Afghans understand the differences.”

    I am willing to agree, but what are the differences?

  2. And then he says
    “The same elections which, regrettably, are being overshadowed by shameful international skepticism and doubt. ”

    My understanding is that the recent elections have been seen from Kandahar as a disaster for the Kabul Government – a disgrace, a dishonor.

    I’d love to be wrong…

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