Yale Daily News Op-Ed Today

Mari and Andrew write in the Yale Daily News

What they wouldn’t let us say in the paper was – one way to improve campus dialogue is to COME TO THE EVENT TODAY AT 8, Branford College Common Room, for a discussion of CIVILIAN AND MILITARY PERSPECTIVES on Afghanistan.

There’s more information on the calendar tab of the blog.


3 responses to “Yale Daily News Op-Ed Today

  1. About the three points in the article:
    1.) the charming Ashraf Ghani has an interesting presentation on TED talking about traps to not fall into, and things that can be done. At the same time, RAWA doesn’t like him or any of the other schmucks, and wants freedom – now. Plus serious jailtime.
    2.)McCrystal’s new strategy is coming into line with our own counter-insurgency manual: the bill of rights.
    3) Yes, Afghanistan is a place where people live, and, as Ashraf Ghani points out in the TED video, it’s One World, so leaving is only going to be a relative thing. Like we found out that you cant throw things “away”. And why would you want to?

  2. One problem, is that they may not be schmucks, and should be considered innocent until they have had their day in court, to be judged by the standards in place at the time.
    The Nobel Prize gives Obama a spotlight to deliver a clear message of peace, and outline the goals of mankind towards Afghanistan.

  3. By “outline the goals of mankind towards Afghanistan.”, I mean, answer Cindy Sheehan’s question: What great cause did my son die for?

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