More on Our Op-Ed

Two links that elaborate on points Mari and I made in our column.

First, Josh Foust has a piece in the Columbia Journalism Review that takes the American commentariat to task for its failings on Afghanistan. In particular, he examines the “bribe the tribes” idea that circulated a couple weeks ago and finds it historically ignorant and logically inconsistent.

Second, I see that the Cato Institute has an Afghanistan discussion on YouTube titled…”Eight Years in Afghanistan, the ‘Graveyard of Empires'”. Hrm.


2 responses to “More on Our Op-Ed

  1. Josh’s article starts: “There is a dark irony to the faintly racist idea that Afghans are unprincipled mercenaries available to the highest bidders”.
    If you read “Lone Survivor” (or was it Sole Survivor), a recent best seller on Operation Redwing in Afghanistan, a Navy Seal special ops turned to rescue in the Afghan mountains, you can read just how unbuyable the Afghan Pashtuns are. Then there is the case where the local tribes let Al Queda or Osama escape (twice actually – the second time at BoraBora, but previously at Mazar-i-sharif – no three times: the airlift out of Konduz), you can see how ties of loyalty cannot be bought, and nor can ties of honor.

  2. That some might think that the cure for Afghanistan is a further round of treachery, of purchased loyalty, is quite sad. The only path worth trying is openness, and honesty, and decency, and freedom. Any other is a betrayal of the Afghan people and the American people. I think we have come to that.

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